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One Stop Shopping Solutions - YOSUN

Yosun's products cover applications from the PC, communications and consumer electronic field and industries, including more than 80 major electronic categories serving more than 1500 clients. The comprehensive and diversified product lines can satisfy a variety of clients from various industries and is immune from periodic economic downturns in any particular industry or field. Yosun currently carries products manufactured by more than 30 manufacturers and offers a combined product variety of more than 22,000 electronic components. The major categories include: clustered components, IC components, Electronic components, PA components and indigenous products to provide a one stop shopping opportunity for our clients.
Main brands carried:
Samsung : Most competitive memory component manufacturer
STMicroelectronics: Most competitive non-memory component manufacturer
Fairchild : Most competitive cluster component manufacturer
Texas Instruments : World-famous semiconductor manufacturer
Other brands carried:
SEMCO 、 SDI 、 AVX 、 Power Digital Card 、 Smart Link 、 Syncomm 、 NemeriX 、 ASIX 、 VTI 、 OTI 、 Agilent 、 Cradle 、 WIS 、 Mobile Doctor 、 Phison 、 TOPRO 、 Gamma 、 UPEK 、 Elantech Devices 、 Marvell 、 APM 、 INPROCOMM 、 Diodes Incorporated 、 eSOL 、 ELAN

Provide services wherever the clients are.

Yosun is gradually making adjustments to its China operation in terms of ratios. Besides its Taipei HQ and subsidiaries in Hsin Chu, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Yosun has also established subsidiaries in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and China (including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Shuzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xian, Wuhan, and Fuzhou ) along with warehouse and distribution centers in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore to offer localized service where ever our clients are in order to achieve “global service planning and management”.

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